APC Hike 2020

Current information on the APC hike 2020

The measures in the course of containing Covid-19 unfortunately also affect the APC events planned for June 2020 in Krimml (dialogue forum, commemorative hike), which unfortunately cannot take place in the usual form this year. We pondered for a long time and designed various alternative scenarios, but unfortunately we ultimately had to come to the bitter conclusion that we cannot host any public remembrance events in 2020.

Nevertheless, we want to offer our members, the planned participants and the interested public a number of opportunities to remember the history of the Krimml „Jewish Flight“ in 1947 in 2020 as well.

As part of this alternative program, we are planning to publish a magazine for the first time in which we want to discuss the focus topic planned for this year: „The dark side of the alps. Anti-Semitism then and now“.
We are already busy planning and hope to be able to present it to you soon. More information will follow.

We are also very happy to announce the already fixed date for the events in Krimml 2021 on June 25/26, 2021.

In the meantime, we wish you all the best!
We hope to see you safe and sound in Krimml soon!

The dark side of the Alps – Antisemitism then and now

The dire monstrosities of the Shoa did not come out of the blue. For hundreds of years, Jews have been the victims of discrimination, prosecution, marginalization, expulsion, and verbal as well as physical violence. In the Salzburg area, a pogrom against Jews took place in the 14th century already. Countless assaults against the Jewish community were then followed by the complete expulsion of all Jewish citizens from Salzburg ordered by prince-archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach in 1498. It was not until the 1870s that Jewish people were allowed to resettle in Salzburg. However, this was by no means the end of antisemitism in Salzburg: discrimination, hostilities and assaults were still common. For example, various places in Salzburg advertised long before the „Anschluss“ with „Jew-free“ tourism offers, „cadastres of Jews“ were published in inflammatory writings and there was a prohibition of traditional Austrian clothing for Jews. From 1918 onwards, Jews were held responsible for the defeats of the Central Powers in the First World War. The devastating peak of these centuries-long antisemitic developments was, as is generally known, reached in the time of National Socialism. Unfortunately, the liberation did not automatically spell the end for antisemitism. Thus, it is not surprising that in the summer of 1947 thousands of Jews found themselves forced to flee to safety via the Krimmler Tauern.

As the right-wing extremist terrorist attack on the synagogue in Halle showed in autumn 2019, the problem of antisemitism has not yet been overcome. Jews are still not only victims of hostilities and marginalization but also of assaults.

For us, this historical and current problem is an occasion to place this year’s APC campaign under the motto „The dark side of the Alps – Antisemitism then and now“ and to focus on burning questions on the subject. There will be kick-off events in Vienna, Graz and Salzburg. The highlights of this year’s APC campaign will be the dialogue event and the hike in Krimml.

We want to thank our cooperation partners