APC Newsletter August 2016

Most important developments:

  • In 2015 Euro 140.500 could be made available to the APC assistance programs, also in 2016 we are on a good way, despite the much more difficult circumstances: by the end of June we could help already with Euro 75.000.
  • Our homepage was completely redesigned with a detailed description of our 7 support programs.
  • Anika Hoffmann is APCs general secretary since May; she’s also the head of our new Vienna office in Lassallestraße 3, A-1020 Vienna.
  • At the 10th Peace Hike we had a new record with 210 participants; the focus of the Krimml peace dialog “The Daily Work With Refugees” was registered with great interest by the audience.
  • Our general assembly on Juli 1 2016 we decided to include also a reference to “social welfare” in our official name. Our focus will remain on support for refugees but we can now be supportive in other social emergency situations.
  • Right now the APC Music Program (it is in the context of Salzburg 20.16, the 200-year anniversary of Salzburg becoming part of Austria) is being organized with 13 concerts and 17 drum workshops in the city and province of Salzburg; the grand finale will be at the grand hall of the university of Salzburg on 24th of November 2016.

Through our Vienna Office we are now in a position to inform you more regularly then hitherto about major activities, especially in regard to the developments of our support programs.
How can you assist us?

  • Membership: so far we are only 176 members, with an annual membership fee of Euro 30. Since we cover all our administrative expenses- now also including our Vienna office- via membership fees, it is very important to expand our membership circle, so that we may continue to ensure that 100% of all donations will go to the APC support programs without any deduction. Kindly forward this newsletter therefore to your friends. No formal document is necessary for a membership which can incidentally be cancelled any time. The membership fee (and of course all donations) is tax deductible in Austria.
  • Donations: these are especially important because without your help our support programs would not be as significant. “private sponsors” with a donation of Euro 500+ are mentioned by name on our homepage, unless they wish to remain anonymously. Please consider also how you could assist us in gaining further institutional sponsors with Euro 5000+. Meanwhile we have created an easy way of transfer also by PayPal and credit Card https://alpinepeacecrossing.org/apc/en/donations/
  • Facebook: we would like to increase our visibility, please like us on Facebook and encourage also your friends to check our homepage regularly for recent developments.

Ernst Löschner