Charity for Social Welfare and Refugee Support

Alpine Peace Crossing (APC) is an Austrian charity based in Krimml (Salzburg province) and Vienna.  APC’s 3 cornerstones are: APC Refugee Support, the APC Peace Hike and the Krimml Peace Dialogue. (cf. APC Brief)

Flüchtlinge APC_2007_Anstieg
APC Refugee Support:
We support refugees and asylum seekers in Austria (and abroad since 2015, primarily in Syria) with comprehensive and creative assistance  programs.
  APC Peace Hike: 
An annual hike, on the last weekend of June, along the path of the Jewish exodus over the Krimml Tauern to South Tyrol – together with refugees in Austria.
  Grove of Flight:
7×7 Trees, 2 Stones, 1 Prism: The grove reminds of the Jewish exodus in 1947, but is dedicated to all refugees around the globe (brochure). The interreligious inauguration
took place on oct.17.

Please help us! Your donation is tax exempt in Austria, and 100% of proceeds benefit those who are in dire need, with no deductions for administrative costs.