Charity for Social Welfare and Refugee Support

Alpine Peace Crossing (APC) is an Austrian charity based in Krimml (Salzburg province) and Vienna.  APC’s 3 cornerstones are: APC Refugee Support, the APC Peace Hike and the Krimml Peace Dialogue.

APC Peace Hike
The 13th Peace Hike along the Jewish Escape Route from 1947 will take place on June 29, 2019. The Krimmler Mayor Erich Czerny, Marko Feingold and Ernst Löschner of Alpine Peace Crossing welcome all participants, guests and curious on the eve of the hike sincerely in the Village.
Program and Registration
Theatre (in German)
Those who want to experience this escape of Jews of 1947 are welcome to accompany the ensemble of Teatro Caprile. You will experience touching scenes along original locations and wander from the past into a fictional future.
Grove of Flight
7 x 7 trees, 2 natural stones and 1 prism are dedicated to all people on the run (especially those of 1947) and people who have contributed to a peaceful coexistence of people of different backgrounds. The installation is a 20-minute walk from the Krimml Lodge.
Social and refugee projects
For eight years, Alpine Peace Crossing financed and implemented social and refugee aid projects. As of 2019, APC will once again focus on the annual Friendship Walk. Incoming donations will continue to serve their purpose.

Note: The Activity Report 2018 is online!