APC Peace Hike

Hope you don’t mind the pleonasm – “APC” stands for “Alpine Peace Crossing”, so actually we write about the “Alpine Peace Crossing Peace Hike” ­čÖé

Every year since 2007 we organise the APC Peace Hike on a Saturday at the end of June or beginning of July.

The precise date will be published on our homepage (2019 the hike will be on June 29th), several months in advance an online registration form will be available.

We follow the path of the refugees from 1947, only for the less attractive hike from Krimml to the Krimmler Tauernhaus we usually take a taxi.

So our hike starts at the Krimmler Tauernhaus (1631 m / 5350 ft.), leads over the Krimmler Tauern Pass (2634 m / 8640 ft.) to Kasern in the Aurina Vally (1582 m / 5188 ft.), thus we go across altitude differences of 1003 m / 3290 ft. on our way up and 1052 m / 3452 ft. on our way down. The total distance of the hike is 18,4km / 60367 ft.

Saturday evening a bus will take the one-way participants back to Krimml.

We offer an optional two-way hike for those who want to stay overnight in Kasern and hike back over the Birnl├╝cke Pass (2665 m / 8741 ft.) to a point on the gravel road alongside the Krimmler Ache (no pain – “Ache” means creek!) from where a taxi will take us back to Krimml.

On the map it looks like this:

On the way back to Krimml, the bus will go first to Bruneck (Brunico) in South Tyrol, then through the Puster Valley back to Austria, via Lienz and Matrei in East Tyrol through the Felbertauern tunnel to Mittersill in Salzburg, from there it is not far to Krimml. The whole distance is about 200 km (approx. 125 miles), the driving time about 3.5 hours.