The APC Team

APC’s team consists of the board of directors, the general secretary, the advisory board, and ordinary members.

The four members of the Board of Directors:

 Ernst_Löschner Ernst Löschner, Chairman
  Norbert Wallner, Vice Chairman and Secretary
ZENSPOOL_FARB_09-1_3950_001-2 Kopie Judith Forthuber, Member of Board
Manfred Schwab, Treasurer

The General Secretary:

  Petra Navara

The Office Management:


The members of the Advisory Board:

Gernot_Heiss Gernot Heiss
Emeritus Professor of History, Vienna University
brigitte_lueger_schuster Brigitte Lueger-Schuster
Professor of Psychology, Vienna University
Anton_Pelinka Anton Pelinka
Professor of Political Science, Central European University (CEU) in Budapest

The following ordinary members are involved with APC’s work:

Marlene_Linhuber Marlene Linhuber, Vocational School Teacher (retired)
 Erich_Czerny Erich Czerny,
 Michael_Kerbler Michael Kerbler
 Hans_Nerbl Hans Dieter Nerbl, Vice Chairman
Friedl_Geisler Friedl Geisler
 Rainer Prohaska Rainer Prohaska, APC Facebook
Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at Vienna University
Petra_Lemberger Petra Lemberger, Promotion for APC’s events in Krimml
Managing Director of Krimml Tourism Association
 Regine_Kappeler Regine Kappeler
Andrea_Mair Andrea Mair, Logistics for APC Peace Hike members
Employee at Krimml Tourism Association
Hansjoerg_Bachmair Hansjörg Bachmair, Mountain Rescue at the APC Peace Hike
Entrepreneur; Chief of Krimml Rescue Squad
 Peter de Bruin Peter de Bruin, APC Humanitarian Aid
Head of Human Resources (retired) for Strategical Planning at an International Firm
 Heinz_Tschannett Heinz Tschannett, APC-Programs for Institutional Sponsors
Founder and Manager of a Travel Agency; Management consultant
 Rainer_Danzinger Rainer Danzinger, APC Psychotherapy
Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of Graz
Annelyse_Forst Annelyse Forst, Refugee Group in Unken (Salzburg)
Pedagogue and Voluntary Refugee Aid Worker
 Willi_Svoboda Willi Svoboda, APC Website
Web Design and Administration (