The APC Team

APC’s team consists of the board of directors, the advisory board, and ordinary members.

The board of directors consists of 6 members:

  • Robert Obermair – Chairman
  • Antonia Winsauer – Vice-Chairwoman
  • Bettina Reiter – Treasurer
  • Caro Huber – Vice-Treasurer
  • Matthias Schreckeis – Secretary
  • Jakob Gruber – Sustainability

They are supported especially by Kay-Michael Dankl as coordinator of the Scientific Advisory Board and Ernst Löschner as Honorary Chairman.

from left to right: Antonia Winsauer, Caro Huber, Robert Obermair, Bettina Reiter, Matthias Schreckeis, Ernst Löschner, Judith Forthuber, Kay-Michael Dankl, Jakob Gruber

 Ernst_Löschner Ernst Löschner, Honorary Chairman

The members of the Scientific Advisory Board of APC are:

Abbildung: 475396.JPG Helga Embacher, Professor for Contemporary History, University of Salzburg
Gernot_Heiss Gernot Heiss
Emeritus Professor of History, Vienna University
brigitte_lueger_schuster Brigitte Lueger-Schuster
Professor of Psychology, Vienna University
Anton_Pelinka Anton Pelinka
Professor of Political Science, Central European University (CEU) in Budapest
Alexander Pinwinkler Alexander Pinwinkler, Priv.Doz. Dr., Contemporary History, University of Salzburg
Adelheid Schreilechner, Mag., Salzburg University of Education Stefan Zweig
Professor Johannes-Dieter Steinert Johannes-Dieter Steinert, Professor for European History and Migration, Wolverhampton University (UK)

The following members actively contribute to APC activities:

 Erich_Czerny Erich Czerny, mayor of Krimml, received APC Peace Prize in 2019
 Rainer_Danzinger Rainer Danzinger, APC Psychotherapy
Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of Graz
 Peter de Bruin Peter de Bruin, APC Humanitarian Aid
Head of Human Resources (retired) for Strategical Planning at an International Firm
Annelyse_Forst Annelyse Forst, Refugee Group in Unken (Salzburg)
Pedagogue and Voluntary Refugee Aid Worker
ZENSPOOL_FARB_09-1_3950_001-2 Kopie Judith Forthuber, contributed strongly to implement the Grove of Flight
Friedl_Geisler Friedl Geisler, innkeeper of the Krimmler Tauernhaus
 Regine_Kappeler Regine Kappeler, gives German lessons to refugees
 Michael_Kerbler Michael Kerbler, journalist, moderator of APC Peace Dialogue
Petra_Lemberger Petra Lemberger, Promotion for APC’s events in Krimml
Managing Director of Krimml Tourism Association
Andrea_Mair Andrea Mair, Logistics for APC Peace Hike members
Employee at Krimml Tourism Association
 Hans_Nerbl Hans Dieter Nerbl, former Vice Chairman of APC, received APC Peace Prize in 2019
Peter Nothdurfter, head of the Krimml Alpine Rescue Service
 Rainer Prohaska Rainer Prohaska, APC Facebook
Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry at Vienna University
 Willi_Svoboda Willi Svoboda, APC Website
Web Design and Administration (
Manfred Schwab, former treasurer of APC (10/2018-09/2019) and APC Website administrator
 Heinz_Tschannett Heinz Tschannett, APC-Programs for Institutional Sponsors
Founder and Manager of a Travel Agency; Management consultant
  Norbert Wallner, former Vice Chairman of APC (2016-09/2019); project manager for “ZUHAUSE”