Commemorative Plaques

For a better understanding what has happened all the way from Krimml over the Krimml Tauern Pass to Kasern in the Aurina Valley seven commemorative plaques have been installed in 2013. They describe in German, English and Italian the situation of the refugees during their crossing of the alps.

On each of these pyramides you will find in addition to the descriptive text a keyword that tries to describe the assumed feelings of the refugees on the respective position:


The seventh pyramide was installed in the village of Krimml, sequenced number 1, and it bears the same Keyword as the last one in Kasern: “PEACE”

The keywords are written vertically in the upper half of each pyramide – in the same language as the text, and additionally in Hebrew.

 Pyramiden-Ausschnitte Details from the pyramides;
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Special thanks for the support in generating  the plaque texts different from German free of charge to  Pete Grauer for the English version and to Giorgio Pastorella for the Italian version.