Honorary membership is the highest honor APC can bestow upon deserving individuals.

The following principles apply to the awarding of honorary membership:

1. Only personalities with special qualifications and merits may be honored
2. Their career and their work are either related to the genesis or the current goals of APC or they relate to other social, artistic or scientific fields with which APC shows solidarity
3. Their personality is a role model, especially for young people
they are committed to humanitarian causes and reject any form of racism or anti-Semitism
4. They strive for understanding between peoples and religions and for the reduction of prejudices in society.

According to the APC Statutes, it is the responsibility of the Board to propose to the General Assembly the appointment of honorary members. The principle of unanimity in the Board applies. Candidates for the nomination of honorary members may be submitted to the Board by any APC member or from outside the APC. Honorary members are exempt from paying a membership fee. Their appointment will be announced through the media.

To date, there are three honorary members:

Marko Feingold: Marko Feingold, who was still active as chairman of the Salzburg Kultusgemeinde until 2018, had scouted out the route via the escape route over the Krimml Tauern in 1947. In doing so, he played a decisive role in the Jewish exodus from Krimml to South Tyrol for over 5,000 men, women and children. His personality is inseparable from the genesis of APC. His appearances on the Windbachalm at every single APC Peace Walk since 2007 have been indelibly etched in the memories of all participants. His autobiography “Once you die, nothing hurts you” portrays him as a survivor of 4 concentration camps, whose vitality (his year of birth is 1913!!) and commitment to a changed, better world made him an invaluable role model, especially for the youth, to the very end. His appointment as the first APC honorary member took place in 2011. On 19.9.2019 Marko Feingold passed away at the age of 107. Ernst Löschner dedicated an obituary to him on behalf of all of APC.

Moshe Talit: Born in Palestine, Moshe Talit came to the Jewish “reception” camp Givat Avoda in Saalfelden in 1947 as an instructor, where together with his later wife Bella he provided outstanding humanitarian, educational and organizational services for the many thousands of refugees. His contribution on the occasion of the founding of APC in June 1947 is unforgotten, when he made a flaming declaration of his convictions and of his then 2nd home in Pinzgau. In the article “From Palestine to Pinzgau”, which appeared in the Pinzgau monthly magazine “Platzhirsch” in June 2014, the work of Moshe and Bella Talit was acknowledged – also as a contribution to regional history. The certificate of appointment to his honorary membership was presented to him in Tel Aviv on September 19, 2015, on his 90th birthday.

Ernst Löschner: Born in 1943 in Salzburg, he founded Alpine Peace Crossing in 2007 while still an active bank director. Starting with the first Krimml Peace Dialogue and the first APC Peace Hike, he successively expanded APC activities, supported by numerous board members. In 2011, APC was re-established as an association for refugee aid (from 2016 for social and refugee aid), with the possibility of tax deductibility of donations. At the beginning of 2016, APC was also awarded the Austrian Donation Quality Seal 06060. Donations for social and refugee aid were able to reach values in the order of EUR 180,000 in the best years (2016-2018) – cumulatively, by the end of 2018, more than EUR 820,000 had been provided primarily for social and refugee aid, with the remainder used for the focus on remembrance culture. The Grove of Flight in the Krimml Achen Valley as a joint project with the Hohe Tauern National Park, as well as the seven peace pyramids along the historic escape route, were of particular concern to Ernst Löschner.
During the General Assembly of 27.9.2019 he was appointed the third honorary member of the association. After handing over the chairmanship to his successor Robert Obermair, he was also elected the first Honorary President of APC.