Alpine Peace Crossing (APC) is an Austrian organization based in Krimml (Salzburg province).

„Verein für aktive Gedenk- und Erinnerungskultur – Alpine Peace Crossing” (APC) is an Austrian memorial association which focuses on Jewish escapes after 1945 and adjacent topics. The central event of our work is the escape of thousands of Jews in 1947. On their way to present-day Israel, they had to cross the Krimmler Tauern. They fled from antisemitism which was still rampant in Europe. For some, Austria was the starting point of their escapes, others crossed the country in transit. We commemorate these escapes with a yearly hike in Salzburg’s Krimml.
We believe that many fundamental questions pertaining to Culture of Remembrance and politics of memory can be derived from this particular refugee movement. This is the aim of our annual magazine “Alpendistel. Magazin für antifaschistische Gedenkkultur” which focuses on a new main topic every year that we try to explain to a broad audience from multiple perspectives and interdisciplinary points of view.
We do not intend to just be stuck in the past with our work because we also want to direct our attention to today’s world. This is why we also strive to highlight and scrutinize contemporary problems. To us, memorial work means trying to learn from history and clearly positioning oneself as an antifascist in the present.
Our work almost exclusively takes place on a voluntary basis which is why we depend on donations and membership fees.

APC hike 2024 – registration closed

We are fully booked out. Registration for the APC hike 2025 starts in February 2025.

If you are registered, you’ll find all necessary information here.

This was the Alpine Peace Crossing 2023

The hike in Krimml this year was a great success and we are already looking forward to 2024.

Here you can find a summary of the events as well as some pictures.

Registration for Alpine Peace Crossing 2023

Register here: Registration.
(The registration for the standard variant until south tyrol ist closed since june 6th 2023)

Alpine Peace Crossing 2022 – registration closed

Update 14.6.2022: Thanks to everyone who registered. We are fully booked and so registration for the events of 2022 is no longer possible. For slots on the waiting list please contact Tourismusbüro Krimml.

15th Alpine Peace Crossing 2021 in Krimml

The 15th hike in Krimml was a great success. We are already looking forward to the events in 2022. Information about dates, theme and registration will be published here in late 2021.

Outlook: APC 2021 – personal memories

We are very pleased to be able to present a small outlook for APC next year. A commemorative hike and a dialogue forum will take place in Krimml in 2021. The next Alpine Peace Crossing is expected to take place on the last weekend in June, namely from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th June 2021. We look forward to numerous participation in the events! Not least because the next year will be a very special one for APC, as the commemorative events will be celebrating their 15th anniversary. A good reason to take a look back in time.

Focus: personal memories
Memories are gates to history. Personal experiences and experiences are the basis for commemoration and remembrance. They make the past tangible. Therefore, next year our focus will be on life stories. We want to make the events of 1947 accessible on a new, personal level.

We ask for your help
We need your support to implement this project. Send us photos, memories, texts, audio documents, videos, life stories, etc. that relate to the historical events of 1947 or your memories of the first years of the APC commemorative events to

We are looking forward to your submissions, which we will use (with your consent) both as a basis for next year’s APC in Krimml as well as the second volume of the Alpendistel.

Virtual APC “hike” 2020

The virtual APC hike has started on June 26. You will find updates all over the weekend on our homepage and on facebook.

The APC core team was in Krimml in mid-June to prepare the virtual APC “hike” 2020. The videos, photos and texts that were created in the mountains in the last few days will be published on our homepage from June 26th onwards. Even if we cannot all be on site together in 2020, we want to at least give you the possibility to catch a glimpse of the Krimmler Tauern.

13th Alpine Peace Crossing

The thirteenth reprise of the Alpine Peace Crossing along the Jewish escape route of 1947 transpired during June 28-30. Erich Czerny, the Mayor of Krimml, along with Ernst Löschner, APC Chairman, warmly greeted the attendees, their guests and other interested people during the Krimml Peace Dialog on the eve of the hike.
Report, Reactions, Photos and on TV.

Grove of Flight

7 x 7 trees, 2 natural stones and 1 prism are dedicated to all people on the run (especially those of 1947) and people who have contributed to a peaceful coexistence of people of different backgrounds. The installation is a 20-minute walk from the Krimml Lodge.
We welcome the public to compose and to submit a “Testimonial” in admiration or in solidarity to those honored.